Sharjah Desert, UAE

Next time a genie gives you three wishes, make a trip to Magic Camps Dubai (and oh, obviously ask for endless wishes the next!) The completely private camp at the middle of untrodden dunes of the Sharjah desert is going to blow your minds!


Just 60 minutes drive away from the megahub Dubai, Sharjah desert aint your regular desert. It is packed with multiple attractions including a natural history museum, petting zoo and an Arabia Wildlife Center; a zoo showcasing diversity of local critters, vipers, flamingos, wildcats, mongooses, hyenas and the splendid Arabian leopard (say whaat…?)

The beautiful desert of Sharjah also attracts visitors who loves to get in on that desert driving sesh. From the most popular Fossil Rock to the A Wadi, which involves bouncing over rocks, boulders in difficult terrains and traversing streams, heaven for those adventurous brave kweens! 


Lets get down to business! Now, travelers will get to enjoy a great combo of a traditional caravan campsite (set on the site you request of course) and a tradition of the Bedouins dating back to prehistoric times, with the comfort of high luxury accommodation. Each set up is equipped with exotic Arabian interiors, including eco-friendly private bathroom and shower. Imagine the Samantha Jones kind of glam.


5 star treatment under the infinite starry sky? Tick. Gourmet food will be exclusively prepared for you based on the fresh local ingredients, lavender scented candles and oil lamps creating a soothing atmosphere for your freshly made plush bed, duvet and pillows… All of them, sustainable and eco-friendly! 

After that whole day of sandboarding the slopes, riding camels at dawn and the quad bike drive, be back for some cocktail sunset provided by the camp.


If you’re looking to travel in a group, the Magic Camp may provide up to 15 tents at once. Tents are all set up in very similar ways, depending on the layout of your camp, pick a pitch near the communal if you feel social, or further away to enjoy the total privacy. Also check out the red sand Abu Dhabi alternative, or take an Omani adventure up in the mountains or down by the Indian ocean. 

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