Little alleyways, charming boutiques, all draped in a flawless white façade with delicious Greek cuisine at every corner. Is Mykonos a place to visit this year? If you haven’t, then shouldn’t it be? Attracting plenty of jetsetters since the 1960s, it’s a haven for busy characters to relax, wind down and clear their mind.


To be able to join whenever you feel like and retreat as you please, the fabulous hotel Cavo Tagoo might be one of the best ways to go. Located just minutes away from Mykonos, the structure resembles much of its glory days: stony walls, massive doors made of wood and gold, Greek details – all furnished in white.

Choose from 83 individually decorated rooms, suites and villas where you can decide on how remote you want to be! If you were anything like us, you’d love to stay at one of those private ones with a lounge area, 1-2 bedrooms and a place to dip. Have your very own paradise where you can sunbathe next to an infinity pool…


Want to float off somewhere else? You can do so at the 18-meter aquarium bar at the lounge area provided for guests. Come at night, and the place turns into a beach club; a perfect place to chill out without the worry of massive overflow of tourists! Full-bodied wines, unique food and a classy atmosphere. Solid yes.

KIKU (@thuylan_pham)

Speaking of food, you’ll never be short of options to try from. With new restaurants popping up every year, there’s plenty of cuisines to taste – and fusions ones, too. This season, we hear the it place is this Japanese restaurant “Kiku.” Take a break from tzatziki and indulge in their spectacular sushi!

But hey, homebodies don’t be alarmed; their perfect room service cooks up perfectly-pleasing dishes like pizza (always) or the hotel’s classic club sandwich, consumed with your feet in the pool and a glass of rosé on hand… In the morning? They’ve got the best breakfast buffets! Cheese stuffed pies and berry tartlets!


We don’t know about you but this place definitely sounds like the best opportunity to cocoon in this Spring where you can hide away, or be part of the vivid night life scene. Still not over that last paragraph though – our mouth waters still thinking about it. You’ll never. Want. To leave.

Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Arrive by ferry, and arrange for a driver to pick you up.

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