Haute Couture 2018

Spring Collection

The last few shows are ending couture week, and whilst streetwear and dirty sneakers ruled men’s RTW runways, expect heirloom-worthy outfits closing Spring Couture 2018. Experience the detail and impeccable craftsmanship of haute couture with a number of our top picks!


Schiaparelli showcased their repertoire on a rainy Parisian morning, mixing raffia or iridescent plastic fringing with oversized outerwear and embroidered cargo pants. The designer wants to let our minds wander to something, to somewhere removed. Big statement evening dresses packed a punch for the escapist in you.


Dior is all about surrealism and feminism. The symbolism of black-and-white checkers and bird cages reflected on the runway and the line-up partly referenced the ongoing #MeToo movement, where Chiuri calls for many to “think about dreaming. If you never dream, you don’t think something negative can change.”

Iris Van Herpen wanted to go deeper into the human impulse. Titling the collection “Ludi Nature” (the first word meaning “play” in Latin), she stays true to replicating nature into her fashionable pieces. Foam-lifting, laser-cutting, 3D-printing illusion fabric innovations bless the runway. “Nature is complex.”

Iris Van Herpen

Giambatti Stavalli utilized a myriad of sequins to his couture show at the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Petit Palais. “There’s a lot of research into intellectual beauty, alternative beauty, a more edgy beauty, to break rules. But I’m the opposite. I love the idea of something harmonious, sensual, romantic.” Sums it up.


Chanel went right back to their roots. French garden with a fountain, sandy paths and rose-threaded pergolas took the audience back to what couture season in Paris used to be: a breath of spring wrapped in all things pretty. Pastel-laden Chanel tweeds, chiffon dresses, and evening wear. What’s not to like?


Givenchy, three words: resilience of women. Models exuded grace and dignity from the collection they were wearing, where “strength of tailoring” was used, “but in a feminine way.” Gunmetal silver and crystal beads, hung from jet black ensembles that make any wearer instantly more powerful, but elegant.

Maison Margiela wanted to show how the human eye can portray one reality, and the screen another, by using materials like polyeurethane and holographic material that show illusionary visuals when reacting to camera flashes prominent on the side of the runway. It was a double-vision experience sitting by the sidelines.


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