Renowned for its large portfolio of various kitchen and bathroom accessories, fixtures and furniture, Vipp expanded into the development of hotels – ones that are made to create a very different type of experience. Instead of designing one building with plenty of rooms, Vipp makes plenty of buildings with just one room. 


“Our destinations share the same goal. We want to invite people to experience firsthand our philosophy of good design in a place out of the ordinary,” said CEO of Vipp. Various Vipp locations exist (and keep popping up), but let’s take a look at their very first one – Room No. 1., the shelter at Immeln, Sweden. 

Once you check into any Vipp location, the entire place is completely booked; naturally! Whilst each location is unique, all are held up to the same standard: that minimalist aesthetic, maximalist materials, and the same appreciation for good design and architecture… 


A nature box surrounded by wilderness, enjoy front row seats to what nature has to offer in place of the bombardment of media through your widescreen TV. Lie back and look through the glass ceiling and fall asleep under the stars, and realize nature’s best all around you. It’ll just be you and the changing seasons… 

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