Paradise in South America

Venezuela is a home to many of the most astonishingly beautiful landscapes South America can offer, with only a few other countries in the world to possess the same degree of natural beauty of Andean peaks, Caribbean coaslines, and grasslands teeming with all kinds of flora and fauna... Whilst the country isn’t at its best shape, travellers keen to explore should take caution!

Canaima Parque Nacional

As we talk about the famous Canaima National Park, we’ll be featuring a couple of sights to see for those who #krave picturesque sceneries, including the ‘tepuis’ or gargantuan table-top mountain that stands high and mightily; with various rock formations and crystalline pools, before it drops off to sheer cliffs standing hundred of meters high, rising up from the 3 million-hectare large savannah...

@tepuyero,Mount Roraima

The grand attraction of the whole park would be the stately table mountain towering the clouds is Mount Roraima, which stands 2,810 metres-high. Luring hikers and many nature-lovers alike, it truly delivers Venezuelan beauty in all its rugged glory. Unexplored until 1884, the stark landscape is abundant with strange rock formations and graceful arches, glittering quartz deposits and even carnivorous plants. Topping it off with the mist for that other-worldly feel? Check.

Remember that scene from Up – where the house sits atop a flat mountain, next to “Paradise Falls”? In case you didn’t know, it was actually inspired by the world’s highest recorded waterfall plunging at almost 1,000 metres down... the Angel Falls. It’s a bit of a trek to reach; but to see everything from way up high, to realize how small we are (and how even smaller our problems are), is all well and worth it.

Now, what else is there to do after you’ve had your share of looking far into the distance? If crystals are your thing, then the Crystal Valley of Roraima might be worth the trek. Formerly striking with glinting crystal carpets and crystal walls, years of plundering definitely didn’t help... If you can stand the crisp and cold, take a dip in the crystalline pools and rest your aching bodies in ‘em before making the trek back.

Crystalline Pools

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