This week, we’ll talk about those offered across the seas

Not too many weeks ago we took you through our list of first-class, personalized services offered on land... This week, we’ll talk about those offered across the seas. Explore a range of new places from the Mediterranean Sea to the Nile River, on a variety of cruise ships with their own personality and style. 


The 62-passenger yacht is one of the most contemporary and comfy ships at sea, boasting spacious suites and various dining venues. Sun-and-surf worshippers can revel on the sun deck, or choose a variety of water sport activities off the retractable marina.

Release baby turtles into the surf on one of the shore excursions to the Seychelles Islands aboard the Esprit by Crystal Cruises. 


Sail through the Peruvian rain forest on the Aria Amazon by Aqua Expeditions, exploring the Amazon River where you make visits to indigenous villages and fish for piranhas! Another that exudes vibes you’d get at a contemporary boutique hotel; its 20 suites are built with balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows for all that glorious nature viewing. It is family-friendly, too! 


Claimed to be one of the most beautiful boats on the Nile, its elegant and spacious boats take on 20 guests sailing between Esna and Aswan, powered by just the warm northern wind. 

Feel like a modern-day pharaoh lounging on pillows stuffed with Egyptian cotton, atop the Nour El Nil’s Meroe as you journey across the Nile River. 

Nour El Nil
Scenic Spirit,Scenic Spirit

At the gentle press of a button, see the glass smoothly glide as your balcony converts into a scenic sun lounge at the orchid-adorned Scenic Spirit… allowing you to revel in the beautiful Mekong River as the landscape unfolds before you. Another oasis preferred by those who like exclusivity, the ship truly is someplace you can admire the sunset privately. 

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