The Color Factory

San Fransico

After the Museum of Ice Cream and Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, Los Angeles has definitely been dominating the selfie-centric destinations in the West Coast. But here comes one with a new draw – the Color Factory, recently opened at San Fransisco, in a building near Union Square! 


Running through to the end of August, creator of the popular blog ‘Oh Happy Day’ @JordanFerney teamed with creative director @LeahMarthaRosenberg and art director @theindigobunting to give life to the interactive exhibition you see today. Home to 15 site-specific creations by many artists and talents, your retina is definitely in for a treat.

After undergoing a massive transformation, from the outside – the Color Factory looks like a big ol’ Fruit Stripe Gum. The 12,000 sq-foot space has been transformed into a multi-hued experience, celebrating color and material all splashed into many of the design-obsessed instagrammer you’ve seen scrolling past.


From sun-kissed yellow ball pits and rainbow staircases, to pastel-tinted windows to plaid murals, there’s something for everyone who’s got their own favorite color, or something to satisfy their inner child with! They sure have got us at yell-ow. 

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