Joachim Löw

"It's about playing smarter, not harder"

If we know a thing or two about Germany, it’s their effectiveness and work ethic. Under Joachim Löw’s (pronounced: yoa-kim-luv) stewardship, the suave German football team have reached at least the semi-finals of every World Cup or European championships ever since!

A down-to-earth child of the Black Forest, Löw (a.k.a. “Jogi”) comes from the land of finesse, exactitude and hard work – the same place that birthed astronomer Johannes Keplar and Carl Benz, the engineer of the first automobile and founder of Mercedez-Benz! He was an extraordinary talent in his youth, but tragedy struck when he injured his shin. But no, he was not an ex-football player who stopped with a broken dream…

Löw earns an income of US$3.6 million, making himself one of the highest-paid national football team coaches in 2014, blitzkrieg-ing at the 2006 World Cup and winning first place at the 2014 World Cup. 

“It’s about playing smarter, not harder,” he claims. The game today requires creative solutions that minimize the impact of legends like Ronaldo or Messi. Truly a tactical mastermind, but all of the success hasn’t gotten into Löw’s head. No wonder players start rhapsodizing when asked about what it is like to work with him. Even his team unites in a sort of familial bond under the father figure that Löw has become (aww!).

Pictured: Suit by Hugo Boss.

A smart, respected and talented man. What else can you ask for? Oh wait, he dresses well too? Löw is often seen wearing his trademark lucky blue cashmere sweater at the 2010 World Cup. Thanks to Hugo Boss, he’s played off a minimalist style with a simple collared shirt and slim-cut pants, managing to stay casual and cool with sleek sophistication. You won’t see him wearing sweatpants or flip-flops, but fresh white shirts and a jumper tied around the neck. Clean and sharp at every game, just like his German team.

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