Shoe Surgeon

Dominic Chambrone a.k.a. @theshoesurgeon

Isn’t there more to life than the same ol’ hyped up kicks? Pioneering the custom sneaker scene, Dominic Chambrone a.k.a. @theshoesurgeon turned passion to profits (and a meaningful career) creating creative pieces by taking sneakers apart, rebuild them with premium materials and relast it to be worn out on the streets. 

Dominic Chambrone,-

As for his most recent reveal… You can never go wrong with pizza. Appropriately-named Pie Tops 2.0, his recent collab with @pizzahut allows you to not only order pizza, but pause live TV by a press of the button on the inside of the tongue! See: red and wheat colorways, with playful upgrades like a cheese grater mesh! 

Chambrone had to go to 3 different cobblers until he found one that taught him the tricks at 18. Now? @theshoesurgeon runs his own Surgeon Studios for those keen to learn the craft; a 3-5 day course of Deconstruction/Reconstruction mixed with Traditional Shoemaking. Check this recent vid of the Yeezy v2 class. 


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