by Camille Walala

Showing at the @nowgalleryse10 in London, @camillewalala has created a bright and colorful art installation in the form of a maze! Playfully confusing any passerby with its curves, shapes, angles and perfectly-installed mirrors, she's wonderfully transformed her creation derived from the inspiration of Greenwich Peninsula waterways. 


Immerse yourselves into the mesmerizing labyrinth, feeding the soul of that little kid in everyone. Refresh as you gaze onto patterns that are often stretched or distorted, whilst being challenged to spot the differences. Go see it for yourself at @nowgalleryse10, as it is on display through to the 24th of September 2017... NOW! 

Anyone who’s met the French-born artist/designer @camillewalala will no doubt fall hard. Having created her eye-popping interactive installation, called WALALA X PLAY at @nowgalleryse10, one will see a range of her signature graphic patterns, geometric shapes and bold colors that’s served with such spirit! 


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