Refinery29 for 19Rooms

Coming to its third-time running, the women’s media brand @Refinery29 is opening their @29Rooms exhibition at a 90,000-square-foot space in Williamsburg this September. Made to be more than a selfie nirvana, the zones are especially designed to give you all the feels… 


Set to take place from September 8-11 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, selfie-enthusiasts can keep on the lookout for free ticket opportunities and special announcements to the sold-out affair! Care to climb onto the unicorn-laden carousel, or dive into a colorful foam pit? 

Show-stopping and visually-pleasing, the immersive experiences conceptualized by the diverse group of makers  explore plenty of controversial issues, including the big ideas like aggression and resilience – all connected in the overall theme of “Turn It Into Art.” (Yupp, that Carrie Fisher quote!) 


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