Rodarte's Dreamy Floral Umbrellas

Flower Shower

Romantic, dreamy, floral. Another beautifully-represented series of flowers in its show, @rodarte has released a stunning photo album featuring @grimes, @chloexhalle, @rowanblanchard, a glowing @kirstendunst and more donning exquisitely creative creations crafted by LA-based florist, Joseph Free.

Add the sylvan backdrop + more fresh flowers + twiggy branches and you’ve got yourself daydreaming of Victorian-era maidens from Seville wearing flamenco ruffles whimsically twirling delicate parapluies, appearing oh so magical to the eye… Which was your favorite look?

Corsages, parasols, and headpieces were all made of various intricate blooms, like Leptospirnum, Geraldton wax flowers, Caspia and Australian bells. The range of flowers utilized “were inspired by the romanticism and charm of the collection,” chosen based off of their texture and color rather than durability. 

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