Men's London Fashion Week

Spring/Summer 2018

Before you know it, we’re back to another series of London Fashion Week Men’s this June. Stay tuned for some of our top picks to feature this season!

Stella McCartney Men


Being the daughter of Sir @paulmccartney, @stellamccartney ‘s “weird music heritage” made her think about how men used to dress – and all the fun they had doing it. She looked at her dad and his peers at various moments in music history, where there was much more exploration than it is today! A big part of the collection was the tailoring, where boxy suit jackets and their patch pockets, narrow trousers and double-breasted camel coats were made to fit. 

Craig Green

Relaunched three years ago under new ownership, by @danielhettmann and @angelovanmol helped @bandofoutsiders_ make a comeback that looks to be on course. Inspired by seafaring with a slight lean into workwear, they “looked at sailing and utilitarian garments and… tried to have funny accents. There’s a killer shark print, as well as a print of a smelly deck cat,” bringing back a little bit of slyness that is appropriately playful.

When @craig__green was asked what went through his mind while he was designing this season, he said that “it really started with thinking about utopia and escape, asking what paradise would be. But then, it got darker.” From torso-defining T-shirts that were knotted and draped to scuba tops, the collection blossomed into one that consisted of brilliantly colored blanket wraps of palm trees and beach scenes.

Band of Outsiders

As her husband said backstage: “She is on a mission. It is all her philosophy. She is unstoppable, a tyrant! A righteous tyrant.” Driven by her activism to highlight and decry climate change, @viviennewestwoodofficial had her models wearing fishnet stockings stuffed with trash and Evian bottles strapped to their feet. Fine suits were patched with off cuts of fabric and sequin, whilst some prints were taken from Bruegel and some were illustrated to resemble a phallus.

Vivienne Westwood Men
Gosha Rubchinskiy

In his latest 2018 Spring/Summer Collection, @gosharubchinskiy has synthesized a mix of dated cultural aesthetics. Presenting a range of billowing silhouettes, models wore oversized bottom-wear and loose-cut jersey layers, to tailored outerwear layers made in collaboration with @burberry. Not only has it invigorated @adidas ‘ famed ‘90s football aesthetic, it also paved way for contemporary brands like @super_sunglasses for their throwback shades!

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