"Habari Yako?"

“Habari Yako?”. If you hear someone saying this to you in Kenya, that’s them asking “How are you?” in Swahili. When in Kenya, you can find yourself immersed in such an atmosphere where you feel like you’re on the set for The Lion King film (if they made a non-cartoon version of it). Explore its beautiful savannahs by hot air-ballooning in Maasai Mara, sky diving in Diani Beach, or mountain climbing in Mount Kenya as the mesmerizing sun sets into the night.

Sunset at Masaai Mara,.

Flying over the Maasai Mara can be one of the spectular things you can experience in Kenya. You float gently over the landscape; a vast landscape filled with all kinds of wildlife... From herds of wildebeests to buffalos running as though it was the great migration, or gazelles and oryxes grazing through the plains. Some hot air balloon services may also have a champagne breakfast included! Enjoy some eggs and bacon, sipping a bottle of champagne or delicious Kenyan coffee, as you make your above Tanzania’s Serengeti.

Maasai Mara

They say nothing compares to an African sunset. The sky is known to light up in flames, shining vibrant hues of reds, orange and yellow as you can barely make out the black silouhettes of elephants gliding silently through the long grass. Be sure to be back before the sun completely sets though, as it’s a dangerous world out there on the Mara if your jeep breaks down in the middle of... the neighborhood of a pride of lions.

To provide security for the Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa, a safe haven was built in 1593 which they call Fort Jesus. This fort has been utilized as many things; at some point it was a barracks for soldiers, a prison, and now it stands as a museum that exhibits many archaelogical excavations. There is no doubt that this sight, a structure that has lived though many years of hositilies in the harsh climate, will be a point of interest for all the history buffs out there.

Fort Jesus, Mombasa.


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, also known as the Elephant Orphanage, who has taken in and saved baby elephants that are orphaned due to poacher’s attacks.

I’m sure everybody has known about the damage poachers have done (and keep doing) to the elephant population... As Nairobi is home to many wildlife animals, those concerned and eager to help has been conducting projects to save the animals affected. One of them is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, also known as the Elephant Orphanage, who has taken in and saved baby elephants that are orphaned due to poacher’s attacks. Here, there are “adoptive mothers” who give them lots of love 24/7!

Mahali Mzuri

If you happen to be looking for a place to stay around the Maasai Mara Reserves, look no further than Mahali Mzuri; a safari camp that’s part of the Virgin Limited Edition Collection, well-known for its game sightings right in front of your porch, giving you an impromptu safari experience. Mahali Mzuri strives to provide a combination of comfort, modern luxury whilst maintaining its traditional characterstics. And if that doesn’t win your heart yet, imagine how amazing star gazing would be at night.

MAHALI MZURI. Motorogi Conservancy, Masai Mara, Kenya. To see more, click HERE

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