ArtScience Museum

Future World Exhibition

In a bid to inspire young creative minds, the ArtScience Museum has been developing programs and curating content for permanent galleries to showcase a series of cutting-edge systems, further exploring the dynamic relationship between art, science and technology. Embarking on a journey of curiosity, the Museum features 21 gallery spaces held in 50,000 square feet that is designed by world-renowned architect Moshe Safdie. It resembles the shape of a blossoming lotus, purposefully to embody the natural world within a manufactured landscape… Stay tuned on a series about their Future World exhibition by teamLab!

Now about teamLab: they are a 400-strong Japanese art collective comprised of the collaborative efforts of artistic people of different disciplines, bringing together their expertise in creating state-of-the-art art installations since 2001. Their first permanent exhibition set up outside of Japan, it explores nature, urbanity and outer space through interactive digital projections that have drawn scores of people from all ages.

Led by a forward-thinking visionary, Toshiyuki Inoko is excited to bring something new to the world with the help of artists, programmers, engineers, mathematicians and architects in their aim to “achieve a balance among art, science, technology and creativity”.

Made by strings of binary code, the uniqueness of Future World exhibition’s interactivity offers an experience like no other. Depending on the presence, proximity and number of viewers, it blurs boundaries between human and art – allowing a degree of participation of the viewers in the art projected.

Sometimes, being in such a condense city can be uncomfortable. Keeping in mind that people are one of those out of one’s control, teamLab wishes to address our intolerance where…perhaps the presence of others can become a positive element, seen through how some installations become even more beautiful with another being there.


Now, who doesn’t love MORE light installations? What’s better than having an endless stream of them, scattered around the room? To feel the magic and revel in thought mindfully, take a turn into ‘Space’ and visit “Crystal Universe”, where you’ll be awe-struck by the use of 170,000 LED lights in creating an enchanting sculptural body. Movements also affect these light particles that changes the installation, representing the mystery space has managed to keep us all humans intrigued. 


Another popular installation that embodies continuous change, the art installation called “Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year per Year” simulates flowers blooming throughout the year or butterflies fluttering about. Flowers spring up, grow, bud and blossom before their petals wither and eventually fade away in response to presence and touch… Stroll through the digital world of flora and fauna that is comprised entirely of digital technology, creating a new meaning to “being connected to nature”. For those who’ve been there, which was your favorite installation?

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