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Clear skies, open fields, no man-made high rises obstructing your views upon gazing on the horizon. Utah offers one of the most dramatic landscapes in the States, and it is home to many deep canyons, towering plateaus, and world-class hiking trails. To rendezvous, we’d recommend staying at the Amangiri enclave.


Amangiri is an ode to the mysterious rock formations and ancient Navajo culture that is rich with wonders. Located in the dramatic landscape of Canyon Point in the Southern part of Utah, the resort is tucked into a valley near the Escalante National Monument, and a stone’s throw from the famous Lake Powell.

Would the resort be easy to find? Not quite. With all the roads seeming to disappear into endless oblivion, Amangiri may seem like a mirage with razor-sharp, rectangular pavilions made of polished concrete protruding out of the sandstones, elegantly fusing with the landscape oh so smoothly…


Designed as though a massive block emerged through natural erosion of the elements, the structure closely matches the color and density of its surrounding geological formations. The only contrast would be the slice of blue that make up its oasis-like pool, and the many private pools in your suites of choice.


Boasting vistas of the endless deserts and lavish king-sized beds, relax on the low-seated wooden chairs in front of the fireplace as you take in the views of the mountains with no interruption. Come in summer or winter, as the resort’s 34 suites are well-equipped with all kinds of comfort your heart desires.

At the resort, you’ll be able to find a bar, a restaurant, a library and a shop to explore in at the main pavilion. Physically relax at the Aman spa that’s available in the cool, enclosed spaces or small open-air treatment pavilions where you can find relief in its small pools when the dry desert heat creeps up. 

Colorado River

Outside, take the opportunity to explore the area in an adventurous way with many guided hikes, rock climbing, canyoneering, and biking tours across the sacred native American landscape. To relax, a serene boat ride down the Colorado River is also on offer, or a trip to Zion National Park for some greenery.

No noise, no light pollution, and the constantly shifting, hallucinatory landscapes… It is the perfect hidden spot to enjoy the incredible desert wonderland. You’ve got to be there and see it for yourself to understand why you’ll never want to leave.

1 Kayenta Road, Canyon Point 84741-28, United States

Amangiri Resort,Amangiri

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