WKW Helen Downie


Contrary to popular belief, major creative breakthroughs can also happen in our late 30s, and beyond. Meet Helen Downie, a London-based artist who discovered painting at 48, who rose to international fame in just under two years. But what is it about unskilledworker‘s art that caught the big fashion houses’ attention? 

Gucci x @unskilledworker

Now, unskilledworker sees her newfound passion as proof that life keeps happening at any age that may be. After a battle with cancer and a detox from alcohol and drugs, who would have known that – by picking up a paint brush in 2013 whilst sketching with a friend – one could shoot to international stardom? 

Also felt by Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci launched her into success by inviting @unskilledworker to illustrate the Gucci Fall 2015 collection for the show No Longer/Not Yet, shown at the Minsheng Art Museum of Shanghai. Tees, sweaters, bags and more make up the limited edition 40-piece capsule collection. 


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