The Wind in Your Hair

Imagine driving through highways with the windows down and the wind in your hair, as you look out to the panoramic views of coastlines, mountain ranges or vast grasslands. We haven’t always lived in closed walls within a concrete jungle; taking a stroll through the scenic sights around you is one of the things that can help you connect back to nature…

It’ll be a different way for you to experience any country you’re in, as they all hold its own certain uniqueness that some can only see on their HD wallpapers. Longing to get out there, yet? Stay tuned for the next series of posts as we bring you through some of the best road trips you can plan for the summer/winter!


Drive through the most Northern part of Japan and be prepared to see the many picturesque sights of Hokkaido. It will remind you how beautiful the Earth is, no doubt imprinting vivid images on your minds for a lifetime. To name a few, leave for Sounkyo to the Shichiku Garden and see more than 2,500 kinds of blooming flowers on the outskirts of Obihiro City, continue on to Lake Shikaribetsu to be surrounded by beautiful forestry and contrasting deep blue colored-waters, and drive through to two famous waterfalls called Ginga & Ryusei no Taki of Sounkyo that cascades down the 100-meter high Cliffside.


Think 4x4 wheel trucks, an Indiana Jones hat, a khaki vest, and grasslands as far as the eyes can see. Botswana is definitely one of the places to visit when one seeks a private self-driven safari experience. Take a trip through the most exciting regions, such as the vast salt pans at Nxai Pan, then north to the wildlife-rich Moremi National Pack on the edge of Okavango delta, onto The Chobe Waterfront and see 65,000 elephants, before you top it all off on the banks of the impressive Victoria Falls. It might take you 14 nights to enjoy it all, so make sure you pack enough light-reflecting clothes to stay cool!

Road trip culture. Is it just me or did it seem like the Americans started all this? Go for a once-in-a-life-time experience, and visit the incredible three of Arizona. Set off to Sedona for cactuses and beautiful desert-style scenery. Head to the very north end up to Page, and take a tour of Antelope Slot Canyon and be mesmerized by its giant sandstone rocks and magnificent red colors, then to the famous Horseshoe Bend and be brave to sit near the edge of the meander as you check out the blue color of the river down, down below... Just make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the hundreds of other things you’ll see along the way!


While this ‘land of eagles’ is notorious for its stormy communist past, Albania is rich with diverse historical and cultural legacies with 750,000 concrete bunkers scattered around to prove it! To take in Albania’s ancient castles and lived-in World Heritage sites, is to go on a road trip. Start your exploration at the meeting point of two rivers at Shkodra and see the impressive Rozafa Fortress, then to the charming Kruja Castle, the Ethnographic Museum at Berat, and be struck by the magic of limestone-paved architecture of Gjirokastra Castle for sweeping valley views. Feel what it was like to live during the Ottoman Empire ruling.

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