Paris Fashion Week 2018

Fall/Winter Collection

Alas, we have come to our last leg of the Fall/Winter 2018 series at Paris Fashion Week.

Dries Van Noten (@vogueparis)

Not to diminish her work or of its continued relevance to women, but just look at how pretty.

Maison Margiela looks like they were expectin’ the apocalypse to roll up, with layers and layers of protective gear the mind could dream up. 

Dries Van Noten goes refreshingly frank, as if to admit that “I’ve got nothing much to say in a big runway-type way this season, so why doesn’t everyone come around to my place this time, and just have a look at my clothes?” 

Maison Margiela (@maisonmargiela),@maisonmargiela

When the climate, politics and everything else has turned topsy-turvy, fashion insanity seems almost logical at this point. High-tech reflective / holographic material. Cop/drop?

DIOR (@dior)

Dior looked to the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Paris student protests back in ’68 as inspiration this Fall/Winter18, which explains the crochets, embroideries and patchworks, along with white collars as fine as doily lace juxtaposed well with leather. Such craftiness was not short of the charm that oozed at Paris Fashion Week. 

Valentino (@fashiontomax)

Maison Valentino sets a high bar for everything inclusive, relatable and effortless elegance as of recent… And their Fall/Winter 2018 show delivers up to par! Expressions shown in flowing lines, flowers, layers, scalloped edges and vibrant colors were plenty on the runway, and a wealth of options for eveningwear for any woman.

Loewe started coat wars with an abundance of outerwear this season. 

Loewe (@red_models)

Coming on top of the scoreboard, no less than 15 coats hit the runway this Fall/Winter 2018, covering every possible occasion from walking in the countryside, commuting, to school runs and various evenings out to the town and the like. Aspirational, truly.

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