Majestic Marrakech

Get. Cultured.

Get. Cultured. And be prepared to get your senses slapped, because Marrakech has got sights and sounds that will dazzle, frazzle and enchant all who come her way. 


Ben Youssef Madrasa - For all the architectural buffs out there, visiting the Ben Youssef Madrasa is one to check off your list. Standing since the 14th century by the Merenids, the Quranic learning centre was fully kitted-out with colorful geometric carvings and exuberantly-ornate décor. Being one of the largest theological colleges of its time, the old seminary still exudes magnificence even throughout the 19th-century renovation and plenty of upgrades. 


We’ve told you about the Museé last #KRUSHWEDNESDAYS, now let’s talk about Jardin Majorelle. Having renovated the grounds, the site in which a bright blue house stands among the garden filled with wild plants later became a museum that has enchanted many visitors ever since. The street the house is on was subsequently renamed to Rue Yves Saint Laurent, in the designer’s honor. Highly recommended if you seek some tranquility to get away from the crowds. 

Get your maps out and explore through the maze-like souqs (a.k.a. markets), where you can find plenty of twinkling lamps, knitted-rugs and more traditional handicrafts that were handmade and sold. Carve out several hours to wander around the area, and you might never know where the ochre-dusted lanes lead! Don’t be afraid to get lost; don’t fret, indulge in some street food while you’re at it. 

Jardine Marjorelle

One of @songofstyle ‘s favorite places to eat, the Le Salama is one restaurant done up colonial-style, hence many claiming to get the impression of being transported into the movie “Casablanca.”


Displaying various traditional Moroccan art and contemporary décor, it fuses together well – bringing about an ambiance of oriental brasserie. Overlooking the stunning Atlas mountains, you’ll satisfy your Marrakchi cravings by nourishing yourselves with classic Moroccan cuisine. 

Royal Mansour

Recharge at the three restaurants on site, release your tension with a spa, or by walking through the grounds during the golden hours where you’ll see the light creating such drastic shadows and warm colors that takes you back to the ancient times… 

The private Riads offered at the Royal Mansour is courtesy of the King of Morocco himself as it awaits travelers into the stunning city. Within the 35-hectares, 53 riads (a.k.a. private villages) are all equipped with silks, tile-work and various handmade furniture. 


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