BnA STUDIO Akihabara, Tokyo

Five livable art rooms. Take your pick!

Whilst art museums can inspire you in so many ways, there’s something interesting about enjoying art where you lay, too.

Five livable art rooms at Bed & Art HOTEL (BnA Hotel) were each designed by local Tokyo-based artists and designers, fully-equipped with all your basic amenities and more (like Netflix)! A portion of the revenue made from each booking will go to the artists that designed the rooms, as a way to support and promote their exposure to the world!

Photography : Tomooki Kengaku (artists 81 BASTARDS @81bastards)


Designed by 81 Bastards, the room features a full 360-degree mural painted in homage to various classic Japanese graphics (like dragons), street art, calligraphy strokes, and 17th and 19th century ukiyo-e paintings. Perfect for those who love abstract and traditional art. 

Photography : Tomooki Kengaku (artists 81 BASTARDS @81bastards),


Also designed by 81 Bastards, it seems as though they took their RESPONDER Room direction into a more demure way. Enjoy their street art-inspired version of “Wind God and Thunder God”- one of Japan’s most recognizable artworks by Satotsu Tawaraya.

Photography : Tomooki Kengaku
Photography : Tomooki Kengaku,


Photography : Tomooki Kengaku (artists 51.3G-WAVE @513_gwave),

Third, the ZEN GARDEN room. 51.3 G-WAVE is an artis collective made up of NANOOK, Kazuma Ogata and Mitsuki Shimae, the room glows with an iridescent hue of purple; a juxtaposition of “Zen Japan” in a modern metropolis city that hustles and bustles with chaotic energy, like Tokyo. Expect low Japanese furniture and a rock garden for that Zen, too. 

Photography : Tomooki Kengaku (artists 51.3G-WAVE @513_gwave),
Photography : Tomooki Kengaku


Conceptualized and produced by studioBOWL, Ryohei Murakami’s designs poke at your childhood, bringing back memories of those days spent playing out in the playgrounds and parks. Bring out that child in you, whether if it’s with your partner or with your kids!

Photography : Tomooki Kengaku,


for the athletically-inclined! Another room designed by Ryohei Murakami, it echoes that same childhood nostalgia – but with a more gym-like design, with its own mini monkey bars! It comes in Kravelist’s yellow, too. Love

Photography : Tomooki Kengaku (artist @ryoheymurakami_studiobowl)
Photography : Tomooki Kengaku (artist @ryoheymurakami_studiobowl),

Find a room that fits your artistic taste at Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan!

Location: 6-3-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 

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