Gdansk, Poland

The 1000-year old city.

The 1000-year old city of Gdasnk once stood as a medieval port of the Hanseatic League; a wealthy trading port boasting 16th-17th century Dutch-designed architecture before its massive restoration post-WWII. Such like a mini-state all to itself, the city brings about a unique feel that sets it apart from all the other cities in Poland, exuding an atmosphere sure to thrill millions of tourists who come to visit.

To see all the Dutch-inspired architecture that's been heavily-influenced by German and Polish traditions in all its glory, stroll over to the Old Town area of Gdansk that has its cobbled streets dotted with such beautiful buildings and incredible-smelling street food that you can easily whiff off the air. A perfect start to your exploration, a perfect place to wonder. Some streets lined with hundreds of gargoyles, some colorfully-adorable.

Close-by, take a quick day trip to the marina-inspired town of Sopot that's nestled by the Baltic sea, to the longest wooden pier in Europe stretching over half a kilometer long. Whilst the water is icy during the winter months, beaches become full with sunbathers and brave swimmers when summertime comes.

For those who revel in nature, Gdansk is also fairly close enough for a 2-hour drive to Slowinski National Park; a 18,6-hectare UNESCO site blessed with Europe's largest area of wandering sand dunes, intertwining with the forest and beaches.
With various different trails to choose from, some recommend climbing up to the lighthouse in Człopino to observe the breathtaking beauty of the whole park from up top.

Slowinski National Park

Take your first bite into Goldwasser’s Chateaubriand medium rare-steak, and some say that it will be one of those amazing steak dinners that one will talk about again and again for a long time. 
Go extra and indulge yourselves by drinking their traditional 40%-Goldwasser liquor with real 23-carat gold flakes, rounding off your fantastic restaurant experience. After all, why not treat yourself while you’re travelling, once in a while?

Address: Długie Pobrzeże 22, 22-100 Gdańsk, Polen

Go bold with the colorfully-designed hotel that is the PURO Gdansk; a 4-star establishment that offers weary travelers a place to work, play and stay in the heart of the city. 
Embodying that spirit for regeneration and reinvention, its interiors well-reflect modernity designed by London-based interior design practice DeSallesFlint, alongside long-time partners like Carl Hansen & Son, Gubi, Magis, Moroso and more outfitting the hotel with its modern furnishings.

Address: Stągiewna 26, 80-750 Gdańsk, Poland

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