A haze of pink beneath you, and a cloud of pink above you. Curious?

A haze of pink beneath you, and a cloud of pink above you. That’s how I’d imagine reminiscing about how calming it feels to be standing under the cherry blossom trees one afternoon in Japan. We’ve got a serious case of cherry blossom fever, but where else are you able to witness such a spectacle? 

Paris (@damepetite)

PARIS - Starting at a land far far away, the Parc du Champ-de-Mars in Paris offers stunning panoramic views of the capital’s landmark monuments, where you can lie by the lawn to picnic, play music, or watch the sun set into nightfall all the while sakura petals float through the cool Parisian breeze.

SHANGHAI - In Shanghai, spectators have enjoyed the 12,000 cherry trees of over 80 species at the Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival held at Gucun Park, which lasts all the way into mid-April. See peach, pink, white and red sakura varieties that cover the pathways across separate sections that make for such a pleasant stroll.

Shanghai (@yhiceeee)

STOCKHOLM - A popular spot for cherry blossom viewing in Stockholm would be the Kungsträdgården- translating to the King’s Garden; a home to 63 Japanese cherry blossom trees that dates back to 1998. As one of the city’s most popular parks, eating ice cream among a roof of pink and white can be quite the experience!

Stockholm (,(@visitstockholm)

SYDNEY - As for the land down under, who would’ve guessed that Sydney’s geographical location is fit for such a delicate flower that we’ve known to bloom up north? Trot to the Auburn Botanical Gardens in Australia’s Spring (that’s in August), past the Zen gardens and into the little hills to see them in full bloom. 

VANCOUVER - In Vancouver, the first signs of cherry blossoms mark the official arrival of Spring, and the city celebrates with the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival that runs up ‘til mid-April. An explosion of some 41,000 cherry blossom trees seems to be a fitting wake-up call from a long winter hibernation, no?

Vancouver (@_andreapham)
Washington (@qfulksphoto)

WASHINGTON - Same goes for Washington, DC., with its National Cherry Blossom Festival attracting more than a million visitors worldwide. Walk around the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial for some 3,000 blossoms blooming right above your head, sit on a grassy patch and take it all in... Our secret spot? Behind the Smithsonian Castle!

There’s a couple of more places where you can check out the pink-hued blooms, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and London… But which place is your favorite to see cherry blossoms blossoming? Is it still the best to experience in Japan?

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