Blue Blood Feels

The magnificence of Budapest is a combination of God-given beauty and the human hand… Designed and built by mankind’s best architects, the city’s neo-classical, Art Nouveau buildings sparkle as the sunlight bounces off each detailed crevice and corner off the treasure trove-likeness of the buildings. The capital and largest city of Hungary is full of history, as travelers are able to catch glimpses of the past at every corner from the bullet holes and shrapnel marks left by WWIII and the 1956 uprising…

Dubbed one of the most underrated cities of all of Europe, many wouldn’t know what to expect from its Soviet influence from its reign behind the Iron Curtain. But Budapest has turned into a curious mix of cultures, including the Roman, Magyar, Turk and Austrian play.

Royal Palace

Feel as if blue blood flows through your veins (or as if the magic of pixie dust have been sprinkled on you) as you become awe-inspired by one of the city’s most well-known landmarks at Castle Hill. The Castle District has become an all-time favorite area of Budapest, where travelers need to spend an entire day exploring each and every part it offers. The highlights include the Royal Palace, Matthias Fountain, Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion, among many other sights one can see… 

To see an overwhelming collection over four floors traced with Hungarian art from the 11th century, head to The Hungarian National Gallery for its large collection of medieval and Renaissance stonework, Gothic wooden sculptures, late Gothic winger altars and baroque art.

For those who prefer an open air museum, head to Szoborpark (or ‘Memento Park’) to see the grand depository of remains from the communist times as it’s scattered with many symbolic sculptures. With many popular attractions like the Grandstand and Stalin’s Boots, the park is home to around 40 statues, busts and plaques of Lenin, Marx, Bela Kun and others alike.  The park is located in the outskirts of Budapest, offering a peaceful atmosphere that invites travelers on a journey into a world governed by the hammer and sickle. 

Memento Park

Walk among the gigantic forms of philosophers, dictators and idols of communism and feel the true sense of what life was like in the Red Regime in this socialist Disneyland.

The Fisherman's Bastion

The Halászbástya (or ‘The Fisherman’s Bastion’) oversees a set of seven fairytale towers and connecting walls, sitting just behind the Matthias Church sitting atop Castle Hill. Offering great views over the beautiful banks of Danube and Pest, the structure was built over 6 years in 1899 by a talented architect named Frigyes Schulek. Its seven turrets symbolize the original seven Magyar tribes that founded the nation, with bastions featuring huge staircases and large window openings showcasing spectacular scenery of the whole of the city of Budapest! 

Budapest Baths,.

Now that one has gone on a long series of adventures exploring many of Budapest’s magnificence, enjoy the favorite pastime of the locals by soaking in their spas! Enjoy a relaxing session lounging in the therapeutic hot waters of their famous baths, like the Gellért Fürdő or Széchenyi Fürdő. The Gellert Bath is the most famous Art Nouveau thermal baths in Budapest that is soon to be 100 years old, with famous outdoor wave pools, geothermal pools, saunas and a terrace where one can sun bathe with a drink in hand as you look over the Gellert Hill!

Another option would be the Szechenyi Bath & Spa, known for having the largest medicinal bath with spring-fed waters, spend hours going from pool to pool for the right ambiance and soaking experience. Absolutely iconic.

Borkonyha,Budapest, 1051, Sas u. 3, 1051 Hungary

After spending hours investigating Budapest’s rich history on foot, and relaxed their bones in their incredible public baths, what’s another best way to indulge in the whole travel experience? Food. Yes. Delicious food. And how about a Michelin-starred place to dine at?

Step into the dark, cozy atmosphere of Borkonyha (meaning ‘wine kitchen’ in Hungarian), where more than 200 varieties of wine are stocked in this relaxing establishment. Perhaps the most casual Michelin-starred bistro, the food is infused with bold and complex flavors brought to you by warm and friendly servers. Expect each dish to taste like a blissful serving of pleasure, with such refinement and perfection that isn’t stuffy nor pretentious… (The best kind). Try the tender duck leg confit with pressed liver, carrots and basil, and definitely have a glass (or more) of their famous Hungarian red wines!

Cafe Gerbeaud,Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7-8, 1051 Hungary

Gerbeaud Cukrászda (or ‘Café Gerbeaud’) has been quoted as the “most famous of the famous cafes in Budapest”. The great confectioners Henrik Kugler and Emil Gerbeaud started this café more than 150 years ago, boasting loyal patronage of the famous 19th century names like Hungarian composer Fransz Liszt, Princess Diana, Ralph Fiennes and Madonna. They serve delicious coffee, rich chocolate, and delectable treats in such lavish marble-floored rooms. Synonymous with quality and art, their pastries, architecture and décor are throwbacks to a classical Europe.

Order the famous national dessert they call Dobos, comprised of five layers of sponge cake and five layers of chocolate butter cream topped off with a thin slice of caramel, and fly into a dream when it melts in your mouth, under the grand chandeliers and exotic dark wood panels…

The Corinthia Hotel

Cultured, collected and content... Complete your day and stay the night at Budapest’s most luxurious Corinthia Hotel. Indulge in one’s inner aristocrat at their astounding presidential suite, and wake up to an incredible breakfast served with dainty pieces of food that’s bound to make one feel even more royal. 

Standing out like a beacon, its grandeur and opulence makes it Europe’s landmark hotels for many generations, situated conveniently close to the Fine Arts Museum, Opera House, Heroes’ Square, Chain Bridge, and more! Dream away and clear your mind at their spas, or dine at the Royal Kávéház & Champagne Lounge for the elegant ambiance and carefree bubbly!

The Corinthia Suite

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