End of the Earth

Argentina is ranked as one of the world’s top destinations, with some saying that it is the “Paris of South America”. It’s the land of sultry tango, sizzling empanadas, colorful neighborhoods and fevered football fans. Enjoy desert towns like Salta and Jujuy, vineyards of Mendoza, the cold mountains of Calafate or tropical jungles of Iguazu Falls. Definitely an ideal destination for those who want to disconnect from obligation and revel in nature...

Cementrio de la Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

Cementrio de la Recoleta is in the top 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world, housing almost 4700 mausoleums, making it a popular attraction in all of Buenos Aires! Not only is it built impressively, but it also holds the remains of several notable people such as past presidents of Argentina, Nobel Prize winners, and Eva Peron – Argentina’s most famous and beloved historical figure ever. Requiescant in Pace...

Ushuaia, also known as el Fin del Mundo, translates to “End of the World”, why? Because it’s the southernmost town on the South American continent, and it being the last outpost makes it the jumping-off point for many Antarctic cruises... Sail through the Beagle Channel in the summer months, or tour through the Alicia Archipelago as you look out for humpback whales and penguins swimming by, or seals soaking under the sun! For the hydrophobic folks, Ushuaia is also a popular ski destination, so grab your gear and explore the beautiful Martial Mountains.


Iguazu Falls vs Niagara Falls? If you’re looking for a more genuine experience with nature and animals, then Iguazu is the way to go. It’s less commercialized, no tourist traps, all the restaurants are cabin-themed and you’re literally walking through a national park! Go ahead and stand a little bit closer and feel the water bouncing off your face. Try May or September for the best chance for less crowd and clear weather.

Imagine jagged mountains, crystal blue glaciers and enthralling tundras... The fantastic scenery and copious wildlife will definitely lure the adventure seekers to explore one of Patagonia’s finest hiking regions. Spend a few days at a town called El Calafate as you explore the gateway to the majestic world of giant glacial masses at Los Glaciares National Park, and you can even make a side trip trekking to a small mountain village El Chaltén!


The Vines Resort & Spa

What are you keen for: romance, mountain-viewing, or wine-making? At the Vines Resort & Spa, you can do all three, and more! Try your hand at fly-fishing in the Rio Mendoza, stretch out some sun salutations, and explore the countryside by horseback. After a day of activities, you can find yourself relaxing in your villa that’s decorated with stonewalls and porches with fire pits as you gaze unobstructed views of the Andes Mountains. It will be an absolutely enchanting retreat.

Chimichurri and Dulce de Leche,-

Argentina’s go-to condiment for many of their barbequed red meats are green salsa called ‘chimichurri’. It’s made of finely chopped parsely, oregano, onion, garlic, chilli pepper flakes, olive oil and a touch of lemon or vinegar. The tangy and garlicky concoction is also used as a marinade, often blanketing grilled steaks or crispy chorizos, and many other savoury foods throughout the country... Am I the only one drooling for chimichurri chorizos right now?

The cows that roam Argentina’s massive grasslands have not only produced phenomenal beef, but also fantastic dairy. Their condensed milk is one of their culinary treasures, a sweet sticky “milk jam” known as thick caramel Argentians call ‘dulce de leche’. Look for it in everything from alfajores, dessert empanadas, drizzled over ice cream, and many many more. Now, has anyone tried the  banoffee desserts before?! They. Are. So. Delicious.

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