Beauty at the Niigata Perfectures

Mostly known for its excellent ski, snowboard resorts and onsen hot springs, Yuzawa Town has been a star attraction with its own shinkansen bullet train station where avid snow geeks can go on daytrips to the location that is only 200km northwest of Tokyo. Packed with winter attractions, its convenient access makes it comfortable for travellers to experience all parts of Niigata prefecture! Take a trip down there yourself and see all the kinds of things the place has to offer!


With many types (of Onsen) distinguished by the minerals that dissolve in the water, it provides various health benefits including relieving fatigue of the body and mind – perfect for those returning after a long ski trips up in the mountains. With indoors, outdoors, gender-separated or mixed, many hot springs can cater to many clienteles that visit Yuzawa. For a complete onsen experience, try soaking at the Ryugon in Minamiuonuma; a traditional old-style Japanese inn equipped with 8 different baths (including open-air for you all to enjoy a view of a traditional Japanese garden)

GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort

Plenty of ski resorts in Niigata have been designed in such a way that visitors can choose slopes according to their skill level or preference. Ideal for those seeking to safely enjoy gentle slopes, or keen learners to be taught by native-English speakers, GALA Yuzawa Ski Resort may be the best pick… But wait – even if the season is still far from winter, Niigata is never short of activities, as resorts are vastly sought-after for Fuji Rock Festival goers!

It can be impossible to describe in a few posts on what Fuji Rock Festival can offer.  Set amongst majestic mountains and ridiculously beautiful rivers, multiple stage set-ups, hundreds of food and drink stalls, and the awe-inspiring music – this annual event is definitely not one to miss! This year’s event is held on the 22nd to the 24th of July, drawing fantastic international acts as well as smaller indie bands, and festival-goers are in for an experience of their lives. Take a train from Tokyo to Echigo Yuzawa Station, shuttle bus to the festival grounds and definitely set up camp there to be close to all the action!

Fuji Rock 2016

Need an idea on how to go about experiencing Fuji Rock? Start off your days absorbing the new experience of listening to new upcoming indie bands that come from all around the world… Take a break to the food stalls and order from a choice of beef bowls, kebabs, ramen or curry, before you have some shaved ice or crepes for dessert as you relax by the river and take in the atmosphere. 

Fuji Rock 2016

After going back in the crowds and jumping to the music, take a quick power nap around 4PM or have a good onsen to revive your sore legs in preparation prior to watching those big name bands playing this 2016, like Sigur Ros, Mura Masa and Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Yes, Tokyo has plenty to offer any type of traveler… But it’s no rock concert. No melodic kotos playing soothing background music in your favorite restaurant, no no… At Fuji Rock, expect a full-blown, bass thumping, fiery guitar riff, blast-your-eardrums kind of rock! You’re still able to catch the legendary weekend happening in two weeks’ time. But be sure to remember a couple of things: for starters, bring a raincoat, hand towels, a hat and some extra clothes. Opt for stronger shoes/boots because the place will get full of mud…

And inevitably, don’t try to do it all. Make the tough choices on who you want to see, and don’t worry about the others. Enjoy what you do catch, and don’t stick to your schedule. Enjoy the scene, and get in on it.

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