At National Gallery of Victoria

With no holds barred, 100 artists from 32 countries come together to showcase some of the most pressing issues impacting the world we live in today, in art form. Triennale runs all the way up ‘til April 15 this year at the National Gallery of Victoria, so there’s your chance!

Take a couple of visits to absorb all 4-floors of work, where you can delve into questions about identity, technology, politics as well as globalization – all the things that can seem oh so overwhelming! But keep cool – let’s start with our top three highlights and see where it’ll take you.

Ron Mueck's Mass - @ngvmelbourne

First up, see the 1.5 metre-long skulls that scatter the museum. As a potent symbol that serves as a reminder of how short life can be, one of Australia’s leading sculptors Ron Mueck presents ‘Mass’ that recalls the catacombs of Paris, a show for our mortality- but times it by a hundred!

A brighter (or just as disturbing?)-alternative to death, one can walk into Yayoi Kusama’s mind and see how “a pattern of red flowers [appeared] plastered on the entire room, and the entire universe” through ‘Flower Obsession.’ Visitors can get involved, and place a flower sticker, wherever.

Yayoi Kusama's Obsession - @ngvmelbourne

And after you go from one art piece to the next and start to feel how it all becomes too much, be mesmerized with none other than Team Lab’s classic digital installations that explores natural phenomena, where you can lose your sense of reality in ‘Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement.’

TeamLab’s ‘Moving Creates Vortices and Vortices Create Movement’ (@hotyopirate),(@seafoamgrean)

What’s to expect? See a vortex-like environment that acts in the same way that water responds to a human’s presence. Walk into the dark and see the universe swirling with every step you take… 

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